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Hey guys. I know I owe you this one. I do want to make amends with you for going on a hiatus for my busy work schedule but look what I got you. Interview answers courtesy of our lovely PETER LE !! :D I chose not to edit his email so you'd see for yourself how he interacts. That's what y'all wanna see ayt?! YEEEEHAW! 

So, continue supporting Peter Le... his muscles and his amazing personality... and dont forget that beautiful thing hanging between his legs! LET'S ROCK THIS! GO to and see what I mean!

Amazing man, wonderful brain, fantastic body = MUSCLED SENS-ASIAN!


Here are the answers in red. I will consider doing the dares. Thank everyone for sending in questions.

Hey peter, this is leo your Philippine lover. haha. Anyway, since I've mentioned about making an interview with you even just through email, I am sending this give what my friends following the blog in the Philippines would want to hear. I am so sorry for delaying this. I've been quite busy the past few weeks. I hope you understand. I've had amazing questions from the followers of the blog. I chose the ones that for me, sound the best. :D

1. How did you manage to get into this field? Has it always been a dream? (from Melissa)

Since I was a teenager, I have been open minded and a sexual person, which made the right combination to display the beauty of the male body to the world. I first started with Playgirl Magazine in 2001 when I was a little over 18 years old. I was shocked to find that I was 1 of only 2 Asian guys ever to be in the magazine. In 2007, I started modeling again and my dream is to break the Asian stereotype by displaying hot and sexy Asian men.

2. Have you had any qualms about being the Asian sex symbol in the internet? (from mieww)
I'm born to be in the spotlight. I'm a Scorpio inside and a Leo outside. Since I'm in the adult entertainment industry, it does limit my career opportunities. Good think I started my own companies.

3. Please tell us the story on how you reached this stage. How were you able to up your game from trainer to sex god? (i love this question peter haha)
At first when I started having sex at age 16, I wanted to have sex with everyone because I was filled with hormones and curiosity. Once I passed that stage in life, I wanted to have a lot of sex with only one person. Now, I'm at the point where I'm all about the quality of sex. I finished reading the book the Multi Orgasmic Man and I sometimes don't ejaculate during sex. I guess my answer is, I’m always changing and other people seem to decide when I have reached a new stage. 

4. What is the best thing that has been told to you by a fan? (11kylie)
I love to hear from fans that they are proud that I'm making Asian men just as sexy as everyone else, if not more so.

5. In your journey in becoming a salivated male star (fitness and porn), what do you say is the one thing you regret? (marvinLove)
I have no regrets! I live in the moment and celebrate every moment for what it is.

6. In becoming a well-searched for gay porn star, have you always accepted how the gay-world looks at you? Is there a time when you're still uncomfortable with all the attention? (davidgargoyle)
I get uncomfortable only when I'm wearing clothes. But seriously, I love my fans and love the attention. In fact, I wish I could bring even more attention to my mission to show the world how sexy and hot Asian men are. The more attention, the better!

7. How do you deal with racy remarks and indecent proposals? Have you ever thought of "giving in" to them? (lovelove55)
 I deal with them with one of these ;) And no, I haven't ever given them too much thought. I like to connect with someone emotionally before I connect with them physically if you know what I mean.

8. Were you ever harassed by a fan? What did you do to let them know your limits? 
Yeah, one time in Thailand my friend had to stop a fan from trying to slap my butt. Be nice!

9. In dating, has it been hard for you since you're known to show it all off on the internet? Is there any difficulty in you showing that you are sincere? or the other way around, them, (your partners) securing you of their sincerity toward you? (from Ask a Bisexual guy)
When it comes to dating, it's really easy for me to get someone's attention by telling them what I do - especially if they don't already know who I am. But, it is hard to show that I'm sincere since people tend not to take me as seriously as the romantic and spiritual person I am.

10. What are your plans in the future? What do you still want to achieve? (kirstin1love)
I want to break the Asian stereotype! I want to do everything I can to show the world how sexy we are and travel the world doing it. Everyone will see what I’m talking about soon. I’m going to be expanding, but that’s all I’m going to say right now. You are actually the first ones to know.

11. Do you plan to go full-blast in the entertainment industry? (millicent_lerry)
I'm PeterFever! I am going full-blast all day, every day. I just hope all my fans continue to support me whatever I decide to do in the entertainment industry. But it would be great to get in a movie soon.

12. What is your favorite part of your body? From your fans, what have been hearing as their favorite body part? (cheetahrunner)
My favorite part of my body are my freckles; they really stand out when I've been out in the sun. As for my fans, the number one thing they always want to see is my feet. I have long toes that everybody wants to suck on.
13. Have your openness and willingness to give joy to your fans ever been in the way of getting fulfillment from yourself? (oklahomaboy99)
I get fulfillment from interacting with my fans. I love knowing that what I do matters to people and gets them off.

I want to thank all my fans for the great questions you asked and also thank Leo for setting this up. I hope to visit you guys someday and meet you in person!



  1. Great interview, the questions you chose to send to Peter were very good. I love how comfortable he is with himself. Also, though I would never be so forward, I can see why that fan wanted to slap his butt! *laughing*

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  3. Hey Ray. Thanks for the kind words. Well, he is really an amazing guy. The way he feels so comfortable with his fans and the way he has become so secure with himself. He exudes natural candor that I know everyone loves! :)